Catherine McHughMcHugh Management Consulting provides leadership coaching, organizational consulting, and customized leadership training / development services. Catherine McHugh, PhD, supports leaders as they work to resolve complex organizational issues, develop their people and teams, and become more purposeful and capable managerial leaders themselves. With her extensive hands-on business leadership experience and psychological expertise, Catherine partners with clients to design and implement relevant, practical, engaging, and customized strategies that achieve desired results, develop leadership capacities, and transform organizations.

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  • Organizational Consulting

    Thriving businesses and organizations embrace purposeful transformational change. Drawing on extensive hands-on leadership experience, Catherine helps executives address complex organizational challenges, design meaningful systems change, and effectively navigate the transition process with their work teams.

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  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

    Successful organizations and teams are managed by capable, emotionally competent leaders. Passionate about creating thriving work environments, Catherine coaches managerial leaders and executives who are committed to fully develop their leadership capacities and lead their organizations into greatness.

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  • Training & Development

    Great organizations develop their people. Catherine designs and facilitates customized learning experiences that expand individual knowledge and build organizational capacity. Going beyond typical “classroom training” modalities, Catherine’s transformative learning approach engages the “whole” person and achieves long-lasting results.

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  • Meeting Design & Facilitation

    Productive meetings result from intentional planning and effective facilitation. Catherine collaborates with clients to design and lead participative meetings that achieve specific outcomes and make a difference. Catherine’s facilitation encourages authentic conversation, sparking unexpected insight and ensuring team alignment.

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What’s New at McHugh Management Consulting:

  • In November, Catherine will teach a 4-week, online Infopeople course on 2 aspects of emotional intelligence: self-awareness and self-management. Infopeople provides training for all members of the library community: academic, public, school, and special.
  • In July, Catherine spoke with Directors of Washington Public Libraries about emotional intelligence as an essential leadership competency.
  • Catherine designed and developed a comprehensive, customized leadership development process for a manufacturing organization. The cohort-based, year-long "Leadership Academy" kicked off in June and includes a monthly seminar, weekly "Round Table" discussions, as well as individual leadership coaching.
  • Catherine is engaged in exciting process improvement work with a public library organization; teams are learning to implement Lean methodologies and Customer-Supplier Partnership approaches to streamline processes and provide greater value to their internal and external customers.
  • Catherine has conceptualized a Leadership Development Model that describes the process of developing leadership skill, knowledge, competence, and capacity in organizations; the model focuses on catalyzing whole-person learning to transform supervisory and managerial leaders.
  • McHugh Management Consulting’s e-newsletter entitled, “Leading From the Inside Out,” launched in July. Sign up for the newsletter here to receive it in your email in-box approximately every 2 months!
  • Catherine launched her expanded and updated web-site in April. Share your feedback and impressions here.