Meeting Design & Facilitation

Engaging Individuals, Cultivating Team Wisdom

Catherine facilitates purposeful, meaningful dialogue.

Catherine artfully and effectively facilitates meetings and retreats that create organizational clarity, leadership renewal, and team alignment. As with her consulting work, she collaborates closely with clients to design experiences that fully engage all participants and support the organization in achieving its core purpose and strategic direction.

Examples of Catherine’s facilitation engagements include:

  • Senior Leadership Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Departmental Visioning Retreats
  • Executive Board Annual Retreats
  • Leadership Team Building Workshops
  • Departmental Change Management Workshops
  • Organizational Visioning Roundtables
  • Project Team Start-up Workshops
  • Customer-Supplier Partnership Kick-off Seminars
  • Women’s Development & Renewal Retreats

“Catherine’s unique blend of hands-on management and leadership experience, exceptional listening skills, and depth of understanding and knowledge of group and interpersonal dynamics makes her an effective facilitator for both Board and senior staff retreats. Her work is grounded in both real-life experience and evidence based research.”  –CEO

Catherine catalyzes the development of effective teams.

Catherine is passionate about developing high-performing teams that serve their organizations’ core purpose and embody core values. Her focus and approach entails fully engaging team members in dialogue and harnessing the team’s inherent wisdom.

When she facilitates team building retreats, she creates an environment that encourages participants to discuss “un-discussable” issues and unearth assumptions that no longer serve them, the team, or the organization. In the process, she helps teams identify useful strategies and straightforward practices to enhance team effectiveness. As a result of these transformative conversations:

  • Team members increase their commitment to the organization
  • Team members intensify their support of one another
  • Teams evolve into highly efficient and functional instruments of change.

“This was one of the smoothest Board retreats we have had; the meeting was productive and we bonded as a team.”  -Board President