Organizational Consulting

Achieving Transformational Change

Catherine works with managerial leaders to produce lasting and meaningful transformational change.

As a collaborative thought partner, she empowers managers to assess and effectively leverage structural, human resource, cultural, and political elements of their system. This work:

  • Supports the implementation of systemic change efforts
  • Develops creative, thriving work teams
  • Achieves outstanding business results
  • Transforms the organization’s leadership and culture
  • Realizes the organization’s core purpose

Catherine fully engages her clients.

Catherine accompanies her clients throughout the change process to strengthen their cultural leadership capabilities. With time, this builds individual and organizational awareness, capacity, and resilience. Leaders who work with Catherine develop the ability to successfully navigate, learn from, and design organizational transformation efforts of their own.

“I consider ‘finding you’ to be one of the best things I’ve done for our organization. You have a wonderful way of working with individuals & groups in a way that makes room for learning, self-examination, & growth.”  -CEO

Catherine integrates theory with practice.

Because Catherine’s approach is grounded in decades of direct, hands-on management and business leadership experience, her consultation is practical and results-oriented.  At the same time, the breadth of her educational experience—psychology, engineering, and leadership—allows her the ability to successfully engage complex organizational challenges. Catherine’s consultation incorporates expertise in:

  • Cultural leadership
  • Group & organization dynamics
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Personal mastery
  • Systems thinking
  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Organization Development

Catherine is skilled at catalyzing effective teamwork.

Whether a new team is forming or an existing team seeks to improve its process and results, Catherine helps individuals and teams deepen their commitment to the work and each other, ultimately improving results and generating productive organizational dynamics. Catherine is particularly committed to developing thriving leadership and cross-functional teams.

Catherine achieves results.

Applying her breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, Catherine has, in collaboration with her clients:

  • Redesigned a rapidly growing company’s organization structure and human resource processes
  • Redesigned a strategic planning and implementation process to ensure relevance and nimble response to a rapidly changing external environment
  • Developed system-wide internal customer-supplier partnerships focused on meeting external customer needs
  • Developed high performing senior leadership, project, process improvement, and natural work teams
  • Facilitated a multi-stakeholder succession process, developing key priorities and executive competencies for a CEO position
  • Implemented leadership development, coaching, & mentoring programs to build leadership bench strength
  • Institutionalized an internal coaching methodology and culture
  • Implemented a company-wide Strategic Plan using high-performing cross-functional teams
  • Designed, facilitated, and delivered annual CEO performance evaluations

“Your ability to catalyze change in teams across the leadership spectrum is exemplary. We’ve seen amazing results at senior management, within departments, & within multi-disciplined project teams. Your approach connects people, capitalizes on their strengths, & drives change.”  -CFO