Training & Development

Developing Knowledge, Building Organizational Capacity

Catherine inspires knowledge building.

Catherine harnesses her business, organizational, and psychological expertise to deliver powerful learning experiences that deepen individual knowledge and develop organizational capacity. Her training sessions are informed by knowledge in multiple arenas: managerial leadership, emotional and social competence, organizational effectiveness, total quality management, and personal mastery. Examples of past training workshops include:

  • Coaching for Performance: Harnessing Your Staff’s Potential
  • Why We React the Way We Do . . . and How to Avoid Going Reptilian
  • Leading From the Inside Out: Resonant Leadership in Action
  • Catalyzing Emotional Resilience: Self-Management 101
  • Navigating the Leadership Pipeline: New Manager Survival Skills
  • People Matter: Fundamentals of Effective Supervision
  • Crucial Conversations: Delivering & Receiving the Gift of Feedback
  • Developing Thriving Teams: Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Total Quality in Action: Developing Internal Customer-Supplier Partnerships
  • Getting Things Done – – – in a Word Driven by Distraction
  • Taming Your Gremlins: Getting out of Your Own Way and Achieving Excellence
  • Communicating on Purpose: Becoming an Avid Listener

Catherine designs customized learning experiences for her clients, offering a variety of formats—hours-long training sessions, days-long workshops, and “Learning Laboratories” that span multiple months.

“Thanks for a well-organized, thoughtful, enjoyable training; we covered a lot of material but you gave us breathing room & opportunities to practice concepts. I appreciate the tone set of respect, compassion, & trust.”  -Operations Manager

Catherine’s engages the “whole” learner.

Catherine’s teaching integrates “head, heart, and hand” learning approaches, providing participants the opportunity to gain intellectual and emotional understanding as well as hands-on practice. Wherever possible, she facilitates interesting and engaging learning activities that develop mental as well as practical knowledge, giving participants the confidence to apply their newfound knowledge when they return to their work.

Catherine offers a unique “Learning Laboratory” training format that spans weeks and / or months and includes individual coaching for participants. This proven approach ensures that participant learning is translated into practice, building individual and organizational competence and making the most effective use of training budgets.

Catherine’s training is relevant, practical, and applicable.

Catherine customizes all of her training workshops to ensure that the content is relevant to the organization and aligns with their priorities and developmental focus. In addition, she designs the learning experience so that participants can directly and immediately apply their learning.

Catherine’s style is engaging and inspiring.

Participants describe Catherine’s training not only as useful, but interesting and personally catalyzing. Passionate about all of her subject matter, she enthusiastically brings her knowledge and practically-oriented experience into each learning situation. Participants consistently describe Catherine’s workshops as valuable, enjoyable, and inspiring.

“I have yet to see anyone hold the attention of our folks the way you did. Your energy level, openness, & sense of humor were wonderful. You explained complex content in easy-to-understand terms. We left feeling excited!”  -CEO